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“Lose Weight in a Week” is an optimal product set for weight reduction.

January 20th, 2011 · No Comments

With a new “Lose Weight in a Week” product it’s now easy to control one’s weight and shape. The company “LEOVIT” has launched an innovative program of low-calorie balanced nutrition for weight reduction – a vegetarian complex “Lose Weight in a Week” and “Lose Weight in a Week” with meat.

The low-calorie diet consists of 5 everyday meals taking into consideration breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is balanced in the content of proteins, fat and carbohydrates as well as vitamins and microelements. Variety of the menu makes the process of losing weight comfortable and pleasant. The diet doesn’t require considerable restrictions in nutrition.

“Lose Weight in a Week” dishes are made only of natural products – fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals, greens and spices. Their distinctive feature is that they do not contain any colorants, preservatives, harmful additives, taste, color and smell boosters.

“Lose Weight in a Week” complex provides the body with all the necessary useful substances. The set includes the products promoting weight reduction such as buckwheat, tomatoes, spices and seaweed. Besides, the diet includes medicinal and preventative weight loss drinks – “Weight Loss” compote and “Purifying” kissel containing herbs, microelements, berries and spices promoting weight reduction. They increase effectiveness of the low-calorie diet and help to get used to restrictions in nutrition easily. Natural components of the kissel and the compote help the body to get rid of its “ballast” not disturbing harmonious functioning of all organs and systems.

“Lose Weight in a Week” set satisfies the body’s need in food volume and doesn’t require painful restrictions in nutrition. In addition to the meals there is a list of products that can be taken extra, especially at the beginning of the diet when the body is adapting to the new nutrition program. You can lose up to 2- 4 kg in a week. You can keep to the diet on a regular basis taking short breaks.

“Lose Weight in a Week” complex has been developed by the leading Russian nutrition specialists taking into consideration recommendations of the Nutrition Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, the American Dietetic Association and studies of diets by M. Montingac, K.Shitz and M. Greenwood-Robinson. The program has been recommended by the Nutrition Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Science where it has undergone clinical trials. “Lose Weight in a Week” is exported to the USA, Germany, Hungary and CIS countries.

Making breakfast, lunch or dinner is very easy at home, in the office and even on a business trip: Just add boiling water to the dish and wait for 1-5 minutes. The process of making food is time-saving, it frees from time-consuming cooking of dietary nutrition. And this is really important in the present-day rhythm of life.

“Lose Weight in a Week” balanced nutrition program will help you to achieve desired results with the least amount of time and effort.

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