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Russian Easter eggs

March 14th, 2010 · No Comments

0811a94af6946d13afd8c37bb8014367 Cristian world has different traditions of Easter celebrations. Russians have several special Easter dishes. Among of them – Easter eggs. Traditionally coloured eggs in Russia have been cooked by boiling them in onion peel.

All you need are eggs and onion peel. Put them both in boiling water and boil for an hour or so till you see that eggs became brown. Many of Russian hostesses use this way of cooking Easter eggs nowadays, but also they use bright Easter stickers to make eggs looking more festive. On Easter people give to each other such eggs as a present. Easter egg can be stored for a whole years till the next Easter as decoration. If you are interested in Russian traditions, but dont want to cook eggs like Russian do, just buy decorative Easter egg and enjoy happy holiday of Easter.

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