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What foreigners think about Russian meals? (I)

February 6th, 2009 · No Comments

Meals that are common and usual for Russians can be exotic and strange for foreigners. One Internet site asked foreigners who had visited or lived in Russia the only question – what do you think about Russian meals?

Mexican man: “In Russia it is popular to drink beer with vobla. At first it was strange for me and I did not like the smell. But once I tried it and beer with fish became my habbit. It is very funny to strike vobla on the table with the aim to make fish softer. The most crazy name of the dish I ever saw in Russian restaurant menu is “French meat”. The only French thing in it is the name. I visited France and never tried meat with cheese and tomatoes there. I think that the most tasty thing in Russia is long loaf. It is the symbol is Russia, I think, – white simple long loaf, that can be not so fresh, but it is always very tasty.”

Tourist from Argentina says: “In Argentina we never eat a lot during breakfast. Russians can eat soup in the morning! It looks like gluttony for us. On other hand, we have supper late at night. In Moscow people usually have supper at 19-20 p.m. Russian meals is very tasty, especially red-beat soup and ravioli.” As for the meat… there is no any compare with our meat at all.

Woman from Eсuador: In Russia I missed bananas very much. In Equador we have a lot of kinds of banana – little and big, green, red. In Russia people can’t cook Latin-American dishes well. The only thing that I like in traditional Russian meals is red-beet soup, because it resembles one of our soups. Russian food is very healthy. People eat a lot of vegetables. Russians drink tea constantly. They can drink it even in night club, during party. Water in Russia is of terrible taste.

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